((Independent RP account for Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, *Post-Series*.))

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“Drifting I mean, you don’t see many drifters my age,” he gave out a light chuckle. “Maybe I’ll stay here though, I’ve already met a few good friends and stuff,” Kicking at the sidewalk again, he looked back up to face Homura in the eyes. Smiling again,  he inserted an ear bud into his ear. 

“If you want to talk some more… We can like, go somewhere better for talking. You know, if you want,” asked the teenager, awaiting a response from the mysterious, black haired girl. 

Homura chided herself for asking an obvious question, but she had also assumed he had drifted into town in an unusual way. Ah, well.

She kept one hand on the strap of her satchel, saying at last, “Very well…”

Walking past him, she continued down the sidewalk, glancing once over her shoulder and inviting him to come with her with her eyes alone.

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