((Independent RP account for Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica, *Post-Series*.))

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“Oh it’s totally fine and understandable,” Tony smiled. He heard Madoka’s name mentioned. He stood near Homura, trying at act optimistic. Homura was harder to talk to, but he felt that it would be good if he became friends with the girl.

“You know Madoka-chan too? She’s a friend of mine,” Tony looked at all the scenery in the park. Such a nice afternoon. Hopefully there would be more like this later on in the week where he could relax and drown in his own thought.

Homura slid her eyes toward him, still facing forward.

"I’ve known Madoka for a long time. She’s a close friend of mine as well." Perhaps, perhaps. The Madoka she knew was a Goddess but nevertheless.